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 Inventive Eco Organics makes plant-based, food-grade products that promote skin nourishment. Everything is handcrafted in small batches by caring individuals in Austin. European skin specialist Marisa Hernandez began the development of the Inventive line in 1994, introducing a new concept into the world of skin care.

Marisa was one-of-a-kind, a visionary, and  truly gifted. Her career arc including offering consulting services to a range of esthetic professionals, in addition to daily time spent in her laboratory producing the Inventive Eco Organic line (and playing with her grandchildren). Austin’s esthetics community deeply mourned her loss to cancer in February 2012. Her son Carlos has carried on the integrity of her vision, by continuing to produce the skin care line she worked so very hard to develop.

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Inventive Eco Organic

Austin, Texas, United States